Fat Free Yoga – Lose Weight & Feel Great for Beginners and Beyond DVD Review

by Natalie Belford

This Fat Free Yoga DVD workout is like a breath of fresh air. I would describe it as a kind of yoga calisthenics. I love everything about it, the production is top notch, the music is interesting, and the instructor is beautiful, genuine and likeable.

It is just perfect. The moves are basic, simple, but the movement’s repetition makes it challenging and I appreciated the rest in between moves. After wards, I felt invigorated, physically and emotionally.

Even though this DVD felt a little challenging for me I really feel this is about as close to a perfect yoga workout as you can get. This is one I would like to do everyday because it seems to get everything covered from just enough stretching to cardio which, even though people would argure with me and say you can’t get cardio doing yoga, made me feel totally oxygenated.

I never was a yoga person; I tried and I hated it! I could not stand to hold any pose for what seemed like hours. I bought one Ravi and Ana video and I was hooked. This has been a practice I can do faithfully: I look forward to it and I miss it when I dont do it.

This is the most accessible and useful yoga DVD I have found – it’s cut into convenient mini-workouts. Very handy for short time windows. The Matrix option is a delight. Once I program my workout I never have to go back to my remote.

The exercises are wonderful. I don’t always have time to devote to an entire program, but I feel so much better after I set aside whatever time I can for me and, I have to say, I feel really different after my morning workout.

I love the music… it’s not dance music, but relaxed, but great beat so it’s never too light. During parts you’re doing the cardio, it has a great beat almost like Engima, but immediately changes to light, serene, slow during the meditations/rests.

The sets are so well thought out that you actually seem to get a complete workout in 20 minutes. If all you can do is one of the four 20 min. sets a day, the results will still be powerful. This DVD also has two meditations to top off your workout. There are a lot of permutations with which to design your workout options.

fat free yoga dvdI’ve been to a few Yoga classes and loved the Yoga routine itself but always found it so hard to do all those standing and holding poses and also felt as if I was missing something. I give this DVD a big thumbs up for making yoga so accesible and enjoyable.

This type of workout is working on the metabolism, thyroid and glands for truly effective weight loss not just cardio which alone just does not work. Still, there is a good amount of cardio exercise.

This DVD will certainly sooth nerves, work out some muscle knots and burn some calories. It is planned as 4 sets to do at once or seperately which is nice for time constraints.

Until now, I had never done a yoga DVD that was even remotely focused on meditation and breath as much as this one. It was like I had done yoga before, but had never really understood it until now.

I’ve only done the DVD for a few weeks, all the way through so far, but I can tell you I’m going to be doing it over and over again for a long time. After one workout I felt more at peace with myself, my desire to drink coffee was significantly decreased (i’ve been trying to kick the habit for a couple months now), i was motivated to eat better, and i even felt thinner.

I love how I feel when I complete a set of Kundalini yoga. Not only does it do a body good, but my mind as well as my moods all seem to be in harmony with one another. It’s almost like magic. Don’t expect to bend like a pretzel like Ana at first, unless you’ve been doing yoga for awhile.

Take your time and enjoy the process building slowly and seeing how far you’ve come in several months or a year. And, don’t expect a quick weight loss. Take it slow and enjoy the journey noticing the little shifts in your life and body.

What I find remarkable about Kundalini yoga in general is the way it can give you a complete mind/body/spirit experience that’s challenging, but feels so good that an 80 minute class isn’t too much (personally).

Fat Free Yoga has four segments: Start Your Engines, Fight Fire w/Fire, No Impact Aerobics, and Your Life Is In Your Own Glands. It also has two optional meditations. Using the Matrix Menu Option you can program you workout based on the time you have.

This workout addresses the concept of weight loss in a more than skin deep way. Exercises are included which work the glands, emotions, as well as areas of the body where most people have difficutly losing weight. If you are on the fence about this I say go for it!

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Modifications are given when a particular pose might be too difficult for someone at a beginning level. Ana does an excellent job of demonstrating each position and is an inspiring and beautiful role model. Ravi’s voice is soothing and reassuring and I like how he explains the benefits of the various poses.

Another nice feature of this workout is that you can do one twenty-minute segment or the whole workout, depending on your physical condition and how much time you have. I started out doing one segment at a time, then did two, then three, until I could do the whole workout.

Now I do the whole workout when time permits, and just do one or more segments when pressed for time. The added bonus for this DVD is the COMPLETE and UTTER relaxation I feel after doing this workout. It’s pure bliss.

Final Verdict: Fantastic Yoga DVD You Should Get

Fat-Free Yoga is probably the best yoga DVD for weightloss on the market, and the only one that makes any sense! It has a cardio element, it works on the glands and other areas that standard exercises don’t address at all, including the REASONS that cause a person to become overweight.

Ana and Ravi are very encouraging and you feel like they are really on your side and sincerely want you to lose the unwanted weight. On top of all that, they even manage to make the workout fun!

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