Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Review

by Natalie Belford

I love working out at the gym, but during the winter months I’d rather stay at home if I can.  I’ve loved Jillian Michaels’ other workout DVDs, so I decided to give Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack a try.  I expected a challenging work out and I was not disappointed.  I’m a bit of a fitness nut and am in pretty good shape, but I was definitely feeling it the next day!  The DVD contains two dynamic thirty minute workouts alongside warm-ups and cool downs. The workouts stay interesting through a combination of core-focused cardio circuits and ab-toning exercises.

The directions say to do the beginner workout for three weeks and the advanced workout after that.  I figured I’d probably get tired of the beginner workout more quickly than that, but I was wrong!  Even at the “beginner” level I was getting a very intense workout.  I find I’m not missing the gym at all – this DVD and some cardio on the side have been keeping me busy!


  • Very intense workout: The pace of the workout moves along very quickly and requires a lot of muscular endurance to keep up.  I keep in shape but I was finding myself pretty beat at times!  Even the warm-ups put me through my paces.  This DVD gives you a very thorough workout in a short amount of time.

  • Led by Jillian Michaels: The fact that the DVD is led by Jillian Michaels is an important point to make.  She has such a large personality that following her makes for a much different experience than other workouts.  She is very positive and encouraging, while at the same time does not cut you any slack.  It’s easy to stay engaged in the video with her leading the way – it’s a definite plus.

  • Flexibility in difficult level: People of different skill levels shouldn’t have too much of a problem finding a workout they can follow.  Jillian is joined by other women who demonstrate easier or more advanced versions of the original moves.  If I found myself getting tired I could switch down to a modified move until I got my second wind. 

  • Short Workouts: I love that this DVD has two shorter workouts (30-35 minutes) instead of one long one.  You can get a lot done in thirty minutes and Jillian does not waste any time.  Even on busy days I’m able to get a bit of exercise in, which always makes my day a lot better.


  • Light on the cardio: While the muscle toning portions of the workouts will really put you through your paces, the cardio parts aren’t quite as intense.  You’ll feel your heart pumping, but you won’t work up much of a sweat.  Of course, after all that muscle toning taking a break is a bit of a relief!

  • You’ll feel it in the morning: This workout is very intense, perhaps a little too intense to complete beginners.  If you haven’t spent a lot of time exercising beforehand, you’ll probably feel quite sore in the morning.  This means that it’s working, though, so if you stick with it you’ll definitely see results.

Jillian Michaels has done a great job helping people lose weight and better their lives on The Biggest Loser.  Her 6 Week Six-Pack DVD has helped me keep in shape over the winter.  The workouts are varied and interesting and will keep you engaged throughout.  Though I usually end up a little sore the next morning, the workouts are a lot of fun and the results are easy to see.

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