Samba Reggae Workout DVD Review

by Natalie Belford

The Samba Reggae Workout is actually an intense body workout (despite it being a ‘dance’ exercise video). If you don’t believe it, you gotta try it! This DVD is well worth above its price. It begins with a good thorough warm up session targeting important muscle groups necessary for this intense dance.

Initially Quenia (the instructor) breaks down the basic steps for samba reggae and their variations..

This footwork is fast paced. The choreography is lengthy as it is being layed out but when set to the drumming, it will go by rather quickly.

The two sessions set you at different paces, so take your pick.The first segment is about 44 minutes, the second is shorter as it is quicker. As you begin and gather speed, the second session is really fun. There is ample repetition and the segments are easy to learn. Set at slow speed and work up to your potential.

There is a good warmup before the routine ( something that a lot of my exercise and dance DVDs lack) and then there are 2 versions of the same choreography. It’s best to do the 2 routines back to back. There is live drumming by 5 drummers in the DVD and the instructor is accompanied by 2 dancers. Their enthusiasm and energy is contagious.

Quenia is an excellent instructor, very clear and organized. She knows her stuff, so let her teach you. Once you learn the steps, you can do them to other samba music and not be restricted to the video.

You hardly notice it’s a workout until afterwards. She’s great at going over the moves and layering so that you are ready to build and move on to the next part of the routine. The live drummers are a fantastic addition as you feel as though you are in an African/Brazilian dance class.

Everyone seems to be genuinely having a good time doing the routine, which makes the DVD even more fun and engaging.

Samba reggae workoutMy quibbles with this DVD are that she does not seem to be wired and it is not always easy to hear her over the live music. She gives good instruction but it’s not always easy to hear what she is saying. I also wish there were different routines to do apart from just the ones in the DVD.

The first 30 minutes of the DVD always leave me pouring sweat to start. It was very difficult for me to get through the workout my first few times without taking breaks. However, it is a great workout to have fun and get a taste of some authentic dance. There is a great warmup in the beginning although it lacks a cool down.

Final Verdict: Tons of Fun!

This is a fast and fun way to work out. It took only a few times to learn the steps. It is the best workout I’ve had in a long time. This DVD presents a deceptively challenging workout. Within five minutes of it Quenia has gotten your heart rate up and isolated weaker body areas.

If you have problems with your knees or hips this may not be the workout for you. It is, however, moderately intense and very sexy. What a fun way to work out!

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