Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt DVD Review

by Natalie Belford

After doing pilates and yoga workouts for the last two months, I decided to switch it up a little and do a normal aerobics style workout. So I bought the Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt DVD by Violet Zaki. Only reason why I did it was the good reviews and the fact that it was divided into two 20 minute workouts.

Being pressed for time nowadays because of work, I needed a short workout that could allow me to sweat, lose weight and feel good! This workout dvd does the job fabulously. The routine is mostly interval training with some cardio and you’ll be using light hand weights.

There are a fair about of combination moves with some of you requiring you to balance on one leg. It’s challenging but it really trains your balance and works the muscles for maximum effect. There’s a lovely cool down at the end of the workout, 9 minutes of it which involves yoga-like stretches. Most aerobics dvd don’t have a good cool down section so this was a welcome surprise.

weight loss cardio sculpt dvdViolet is a great instructor who is quite likeable and full of energy. She has an adorable Australian accent and she isn’t too drill sergeant-like so I didn’t get turned off by the instruction. The exercises themselves allow you to multi-task several muscle groups at once which makes it highly efficient.

If you’re not in good shape you can follow one of the people on the screen who will be doing modified versions of the exercises. That way you can slowly get up to shape and start following Violet herself for the normal exercises. All in all I enjoyed this workout. It was lots of fun and I think I’ll be doing this one again soon!

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