Zumba Fitness: Latin Dance Workout DVD Review

by Natalie Belford

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I had wanted to try Zumba for the longest time so I bought the Zumba Fitness: Latin Dance Workout Routine DVD. Tried it and it doesn’t feel like you are working out and you get to learn new dance routines! It breaks up the monotony of exercising, so I don’t get bored just going to the gym.

Obviously these DVDs are NOT as good as a live class, but if you want an introduction to a Zumba workout, they are a useful beginning. If you are not used to following movement on a DVD beware that the directions are first given in a different language and then followed by an English translation.

The lead instructor is speaking completely in Spanish and his English translator will tell you what he said, only it’s about 4 count behind you actually starting the move. Anyone used to aerobics classes will need some adjusting to this. I just watch the footwork and seem to do ok.

Once you’ve used the DVDs a few times this will not matter. If you are a total dance/exercise beginner maybe you should watch the routine first before you expect to follow along with movement. The routines and music are fun.

Also, this says it has a Beginner, Advanced, and Power workout. The beginner DVD is nothing more than the instructors walking you through basic moves–it is not a workout at all. Then you’re “thrown into” the advanced DVD and it’s a bit intimidating at first-but like I said, after a few run throughs, you’ll be having a great time.

Picture of happy people doing the zumba workout

Picture of happy people doing the zumba workout

One Problem With This DVD…

I would adore this workout dvd IF the majority of it wasn’t in spanish. The english translator comes in and tells you what to do after the steps have already been told in spanish. In the end, you end up spending half your time playing catch up to what was originally being instructed 2(+) steps prior.

It be nice to hear words of encouragement that the spanish speaking instructor is saying WHILE you’re doing the steps instead of while you’re still trying to figure out how to correctly do the step because while he’s giving tips to improve the motion, you’re getting the instruction in english.

Final Verdict: Fun Workout But Instruction is a Let Down

I think the Zumba workout is a pretty good idea overall. They are pretty easy to follow, fun to do by yourself or with others, even the kids can get involved and are shown on the last DVD. I feel it is a program most anyone can do but beware that the teaching style/instruction can be a let down.

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